Your Business is Important.

You Need to Protect It.

Our Virtual Security Architect
Can Help You Stay Safe.

Security7 Networks knows that cybersecurity doesn't come easy for SMBs & SMEs.
That's why we've developed our Virtual Security Architect service just for them.

Why You Should Choose Security7 Networks:

Security7 Networks mixes over 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry with revolutionary technology from our trusted partners to deliver a response first approach that will keep you up to date with all of your industry-specific compliance and managed services needs.

Intelligent Real Time Security
Multi-Layer Data Protection
A Prevention First Approach
Industry Specific Compliance
Budget-Friendly Operational Expense

What is a Virtual Security Architect?

Security7’s VSA provides small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises with InfoSec services previously unobtainable to you because of cost or lack of available talent.

What Does a Virtual Security Architect do?

Security7 Networks has developed a solution that will help your business overcome these hurdles. Let us introduce you to our Virtual Security Architect program. A VSA from Security7 Networks will deliver the following to your business:


Oversight & Management


Best Practices Consulting


Logging & Security Analysis


Security Roadmap Planning


Framework Alignment


Periodic InfoSec Evaluation


Do You Have Leaked Credentials Out There on the Dark Web?

Sign up for an absolutely FREE cybersecurity risk report from Security7 Networks. Our FREE risk report collects information from all over the internet and looks specifically for leaked credentials that could endanger your business.

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How a Cybersecurity Risk Scorecard can Help Your Business

How secure is your domain? Find out today with a FREE Cybersecurity risk scorecard from Security7 Networks. Knowing your Cyber Risk Score equips you with the information necessary to protect your business from cyber attacks and it increases your awareness against third party risks.

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Want to Learn More About our VSA Service?

Download our Virtual Security Architect's résumé one-sheet today and see just how well our service will fit your business or enterprise. All you have to do is click the link below!


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