Extended Detection
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Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

The new InfoSec approach leverages multiple technologies and unites them as one platform.

By bringing together security data from multiple sources, XDR platforms are able to analyze, manage, and report on actionable items unlike ever before.


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Why You Should Choose XDR Over SIEM


For years we've been underwhelmed at how traditional SIEM solutions have failed to deliver on promised results. There had to be a better solution. Since we couldn't find one we decided to develop our own solution.

Let's compare models

The SIEM Model:

Collection > Detection > Response

Step 1 - Collection:

Traditional SIEM encourages you to collect as much data as possible. Focuses only on a subset of "potential" data sources. The traditional SIEM does not offer visibility across the entire Enterprise.

Step 2 - Detection:

Traditional SIEM uses static correlation models. Offers little chance of success when detecting complex threat scenarios. SIEM generates an incredibly high volume of false positives, resulting in "Alert Fatigue." 

Step 3 - Response:

Automation typically doesn't exist. Investigation and Remediation become manual efforts and can be very time consuming for your SecOps team.

The XDR Model:

Response > Detection > Collection

Step 1 - Response

End-points are typically ignored with the traditional SIEM. XDR focuses on end-points first to prevent the unwanted & automates the response process. XDR blocks the known bad before it reaches you. 

Step 2 - Detection:

XDR is designed to detect complex threat scenarios & offers full attack life-cycle detection. It uses a combination of static correlation, anomaly detection & threat intelligence to create actionable alerts. 

Step 3 - Collection:

XDR focuses on data collection from meaningful logs, metrics, activity, etc, from all assets while providing a holistic view of your security posture.

Functional Differences

Security7's XDR Solution offers the features a traditional Managed SIEM could only dream about...

Functionality SIEM XDR

Real-Time Security Monitoring


Threat Intelligence


Behavior Profiling


Data and End-User Monitoring
Application Monitoring
Workspace and Identity
Customizable Log Management

Customizable Reporting

Simplified Deployment

Malware/Ransomware Protection

Alert Fatigue Protection

Security7's XDR Solution

Our XDR solution focuses on increasing data collection in an intelligent way that generates high-fidelity alerts.  This is achieved through a machine learning end-point detection and response layer (EDR) that is augmented with human intelligence, cloud-sourced intelligence and external threat feeds.

Those high-fidelity alerts processed by the EDR are then forwarded to what would traditionally be called the SIEM. In XDR's case, they are being sent to an Analytics and Integration platform.

Our XDR solution also consumes unstructured data from other enterprise sources such as security appliances, network devices, cloud security solutions, active directory events, etc. Security7 Networks pre-filters high noise events, low-value events before being ingested into the analytics layer, thereby minimizing the noise typically accompanying a SIEM.

Security7 Networks works with our clients to create specific security operations and security management dashboards tailored to their environment. The underlying queries of the dashboards are converted into automated events that flow to the Automation and Orchestration layer.

This allows for Security7 Networks and our clients to collaborate on security incidents and changes in an interactive fashion.



Automation & Orchestration

  • Incident Response Management
  • Collaboration
  • Interactive Investigation

Integration Layer

  • Message Processing
  • Notification Delivery

Analytics Layer

  • Anomaly Detection
  • Threat Detection
  • Log Reduction
  • Filtering

XDR Threat Hunting: The EDR Space REDefined

EDR is a fundamental component of Security7 Network's XDR solution. EDR increases visibility across the entire enterprise, gathers a robust set of information that includes process interactions, network communication, device events, and file characteristics, far beyond what a traditional SIEM is capable of doing.

⇣⇣ Monitoring ⇣⇣
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⇣⇣ Enhancement ⇣⇣

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⇣⇣ Analytics ⇣⇣

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⇣⇣ Evidence ⇣⇣

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⇣⇣ Suspicion ⇣⇣

New XDR Diagram with Segments-05-1

⇣⇣ MalOp ⇣⇣

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⇡⇡ XDR⇡⇡

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