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End-Point Security


Take the upper hand when it comes to protecting your End-Points. Security7 Networks has the technology to make sure your devices stay safe.


What is End-Point Security?

End-Point Security or End-Point Protection is a technology that takes the upper hand when it comes to protecting computer networks that can connect to the Internet of Things.

Why is End-Point Security Important?

An end-point is an end-user device. A PC, a phone, a tablet; anything a user can connect to a network is an end-point.

The more end-points connected to your network the higher the risk of being compromised. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) models have become more popular. As a result, the risk of being compromised grows exponentially.

Conventional threat prevention products attempt to distinguish between ‘good’ content and ‘bad’ content and then implement policies intended to allow the safe content and block the unsafe content. This approach is ineffective in eliminating malware because attackers continuously innovate and find ways to avoid detection.

How Security7 Networks can help you with End-Point Security:

Security7 Networks understands threats are always in development and how important it is for constant protection. It’s why we’re regularly on the lookout for the best End-Point security management tools available.

Together we can make sure all your End-points are safe and secure through a mix of modern technology and implementation of best practices.

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