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SOC2 certification is accepted by businesses around the world. Let the people you work with know you take Information Security seriously. Let Security7 Networks help you implement SOC 2.

We can Help Your Business Achieve SOC2 Certification.

What is SOC2?

SOC 2 
(or Service Organizational Control 2)  is an auditing procedure that ensures the service providers you do business with securely manage your data and protect the business interests of your organization, its partners, and clients.

If you take data security seriously, SOC 2 compliance is an absolute must for your company.

Achieving SOC2 certification can help with:

• Security -Protect sensitive information and data systems from unauthorized access, disclosure and damage
• Availability - Ensures information and systems are available/operational when they're needed most in order to meet your business objectives
• Processing Integrity - Ensure that system processing is complete, valid, accurate timely, and timely to meet your business objectives
• Confidentiality - Ensure information designated as confidential is protected to meet your business objectives
• Privacy - Keep personal information that's been designated as confidential protected
• And much, much more!

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