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What is SOAPA?

Security Operations and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA) is a new InfoSec approach that leverages multiple technologies and unites them as one platform. By bringing together security data from multiple sources, SOAPA users are able to analyze, manage, and report on actionable items unlike ever before.

How Does SOAPA Work Compared to Traditional SIEMs?

Traditional SIEMs use a 

Collection >Detection > Response model

Step 1. Collection:

Traditional SIEM encourage you to collect as much data as possible. Focuses only on a subset of "potential" data sources. The traditional SIEM does not offer visibility across the entire Enterprise.

Step 2. Detection:

Traditional SIEM uses static correlation models. Offers little chance of success when detecting complex threat scenarios. The traditional SIEM  generates a high volume of false positives, resulting in "Alert Fatigue." 

Step 3. Response: 

Automation typically doesn't exist. Investigation and Remediation become manual efforts and can be very time consuming for your SecOps team.

Our SOAPA solution uses a

Response > Detection > Collection model

Step 1. Response:

End-points are typically ignored with the traditional SIEM. SOAPA focuses on end-points first to prevent the unwanted & automates the response process. SOAPA blocks the known bad before it even reaches you. 

Step 2. Detection:

SOAPA is designed to detect complex threat scenarios & offers full attack life-cycle detection. SOAPA uses a combination of static correlation, anomaly detection & threat intelligence to create actionable alerts. 

Step 3. Collection:

SOAPA focuses on data collection from meaningful logs and high-value assets while providing a holistic view of your security posture.

Why Should You Choose SOAPA over SIEM?

For years we've been underwhelmed at how traditional SIEM solutions have failed to deliver on promised results. There had to be a better solution. Since we couldn't find one we decided to develop our own solution.

Security7's SOAPA Solutions offers features a traditional Managed SIEM could only dream about...

New SOAPA SIEM Comparison Chart.png

The Benefits of Security7's SOAPA Solution:


24x7  MalOps Support

MalOps team provides around-the-clock investigations & triage as needed. All at a reasonable price


Powerful Machine Learning

Prevent the Known Bad with machine learning and math models. Prevents over 99% of malware before it can execute


Alert Fatigue - Eliminated

We invert the traditional SIEM's
high false-positive alert ratio by focusing on actionable items


Reporting - Fully Customized

Customize logging and reporting dashboards to offer instantaneous and historical posture views


Agents. Everywhere

Agents are deployed on every end-point, offering revolutionary coverage that makes sure nothing slips through the cracks


Multiple Layers of Protection

Provides more security than an onion has layers. Protection & detection from every end-point & all the way up to the cloud

Our SOAPA Solution Increases Time to Value

Time to Value is defined as the time between a business request and the initial delivery of that request. 

A recurring theme we see in the marketplace is that traditional SIEMs are very expensive relative to the actionable events they detect. Coupled with the time it takes to manage these platforms to yield increased value is significant and cumbersome to organizations both in terms of financial and human capital.


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