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We Simplify Cybersecurity.

Learn how Security7 Networks can help your business stay safe at any level.

Security Awareness Training.

Security7 Networks provides training & awareness that is simple and easy to understand while still delivering the proper fundamental security information and practices.

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about computer security. A good security awareness program should train employees about corporate policies and procedures for working with information technology (IT).

Why is Security Awareness  Training Important?

One of the most significant threats to information security could come from within your company or organization. Inside ‘attacks’ have been noted to be some of the most dangerous since these people are already quite familiar with the infrastructure. It is not always disgruntled workers and corporate spies who are a threat. Often, it is the non-malicious, uninformed employees.


How Security7 Networks can help you with Security Awareness Training:


Security7 Networks’ information security training is intended for all employee branches including customer service, human resources, legal, marketing, finance, operations, and salespeople who have access to an organization’s computer systems and information.

Security7 Networks provides training and awareness that is simple while still delivering the proper fundamental security information and practices. Real-world examples and exercises engage the learner with applicable content.


Features Include:

  • Malware Awareness Training
  • Password Security Training
  • Social Engineering Training
  • Email Security Training
  • Physical Security Training
  • Mobile Device Security Training
  • Phishing Awareness Training
  • Travel Security Training
  • Information Privacy Awareness Training

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