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We Simplify Cybersecurity.

Learn how Security7 Networks can help your business stay safe at any level.

Make Sure Your Email is Attack Proof.

Let Security7 Networks provide you with the most up to date email security tools available. We can implement collective measure to keep your business email communications safe.

What is Email Security?

Email security refers to the collective measures used to secure the access and content of an email account or service. It allows an individual or organization to protect the overall access to one or more email addresses/accounts.

Why is Email Security Important?

Email is probably your most used communication tool. Ours too. That’s where the problems start. Hackers know email is our favorite way to communicate and they’ve become incredible at targeting people through it.

91% of attacks by sophisticated cyber-criminals launch their attack through email. You’ve probably seen examples of targeted email attacks in your inbox (personal and private). Email attacks are cheap to produce and incredibly efficient.

The majority of organizations out there don’t have a solution for when it comes to preventing data leakage in emails.

Your organization can’t afford a disruption to business operations — breaches cost millions of dollars and destroy reputations. Having to explain to your customers and the media how sensitive information got into the wrong hands is a headache you don’t need.

Email attacks require minimal resources to launch, and extremely difficult to defend against one when it strikes. Phishing attacks, spoofing attacks, spam, malware, and viruses can all come through emails.

How Security7 Networks can help you with Email Security:

We know how important email is to you. It’s important to us too. That’s why we’ make sure to provide our customers with the most up to date email security tools available.

Features Include:
  • Anti-Spam & Anti-Malware Protection - Built-in malware and spam filtering capabilities that help protect inbound and outbound email messages from malicious software and help protect you from spam
  • Phishing Isolation - eliminate credential theft and drive-by exploits caused by email attacks
  • Archiving - Automatically archive older and infrequently accessed content, and removing older material after it’s no longer required
  • Data Loss Prevention - Protect sensitive information and prevent its inadvertent disclosure
  • Email Authentication - Ensure every message sent from your domain is digitally signed and tamper resistant
  • Email Encryption - Easy-to-use encryption service that lets email users send encrypted messages to people inside or outside their organization

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