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Enterprise Level Wi-Fi/Wired Infrastructure & Cost Effective Pricing.

Cloudpath from Ruckus

Cloudpath is a security and policy management platform that enables IT organizations to protect their network by efficiently and definitively securing users.

Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES) software is a security and policy management platform that enables an IT organization to protect the network by efficiently and definitively securing users and their wired and wireless devices—while freeing those users and IT from the tyranny of passwords.

Available cloud-managed or as a virtual instance and priced per user, Cloudpath software lets IT do with one system what usually requires many, while quickly and automatically integrating with existing access and network security infrastructure.

Put Passwords in Your Rear-View Mirror:

Cloudpath ES software includes a built-in, comprehensive Certificate Authority (CA) that enables an IT department to create and manage its own Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Protect your organization with PKI, the gold standard in wireless security: WPA-2 Enterprise via X.509 certificates. Passwords are just a memory.

Network Access Control is a Must:

Certificates are one part of the Cloudpath security equation. Policy-based access control is the other. Cloudpath ES software lets IT associate each device with a user; then establish fine-grained policies for both. The software works together with policy enforcement points to make unauthorized access and persistent bad behavior a thing of the past.

Now, about those BYOD devices.

Just getting devices securely onto the network is half the battle for IT; BYOD adds more time and complexity. What if users—even bring your device (BYOD) users—could self-on-board any and all of their devices? With the simple onboarding portal in Cloudpath ES, they can. IT can control the types of devices that are allowed access and ensure the requisite on-device enforcement, all while seeing a dramatic reduction in service and trouble tickets.

Guest Access is the Missing Link:

You’ve secured owned and BYOD devices but what about guests and their devices? Cloudpath software includes comprehensive guest access functionality that secures guest devices just as quickly and thoroughly as the rest while providing abundant authentication options. And Cloudpath software is infrastructure-agnostic, so no matter the environment, you can treat all of your guests the same—or differently.


Certificate Authority Management

  • Certificates improve network security by replacing unsecured approaches: passwords, pre-shared keys, and MAC authentication
  • Multiple certificate sources including built-in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Microsoft CA and InCommon
  • In multi-tenant mode, enables a unique CA for each tenant

Secure Access

  • Devices connect over secure WAP2-Enterprise via 802.1x authentication with EAP-TLS, PEAP access methods Access Control
  • Push dynamic Access Control Lists (ACL) to wired or wireless infrastructure via RADIUS Vendor-Specific Attributes (VSA)
  • Perform automatic device posture check and remediation via dissolvable/temporary agent, ensuring that all devices seeking access meet minimum requirements Self service On-Boarding


  • Customizable, self-service onboarding portal enables end users to efficiently manage their access and devices, removing that burden from IT.
  • Pre-boarding allows end users to onboard a device from anywhere the device can access the network.
  • Supports enterprise-owned device on-boarding, BYOD onboarding and guest device on-boarding Policy Management
  • Implement granular per-user, per-device policies such as VLANs and application-based access to ensure a secure, well-performing network Via APIs, Cloudpath software quickly and automatically integrates with policy enforcement points such as switches, firewalls and content filters Guest Access.
  • Extend safe Wi-Fi to visitors of all varieties, on-boarding guests onto WPA2-Enterprise wireless networks without IT involvement Implement a variety of traditional authentication and authorization options, including sponsorship and self-verification, as well as the integration of secure Wi-Fi with external identity services, such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Track guests across the network for security and compliance demands and guest auditing


  • Provides granular visibility into users and devices accessing the network, when they access, how they access and how long they access your wifi
  • Chromebook Integration
  • Distribute certificates to managed Chromebooks using the Google
  • Admin Console
  • Enables initial Chromebooks setup via user-driven, IT-driven, or distributor-driven approaches

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