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The Leader in Serverless Security.

No One Knows Serverless Security Like Protego

And that's saying something...

Why is Serverless Security Important?

As the cloud becomes more popular, and serverless computing becomes more prominent, serverless security will become more necessary. Applications and processes that run in the cloud need to be protected.

That's where Protego Labs comes in.

What Does Protego Offer?

Protego has built the first comprehensive security solution for serverless computing.

It has three key components:

  • Proact - Minimizes the Serverless Attack Surface
    Protego continuously scans your serverless infrastructure to help you increase your security posture. The Policy Manager analyzes function roles and permissions and automatically optimizes them to a least privilege policy to minimize the application’s attack surface. The Protego Posture Explorer provides a comprehensive, security-focused view of your environment, and the Code SupplyChain Tracker helps you manage the security of third-party libraries used in your code.

  • Observe - Detects Attacks and Defends and Provides Application Visibility
    Protego collects and correlates hundreds of data points by scanning your serverless infrastructure, code, and runtime environment. With machine-based analysis and deep learning algorithms, Protego builds a model of normal function behavior to effectively detect threats, anomalies, and malicious attacks as they initiate and propagate. Protego also provides actionable intelligence and the tools to provide full visibility and root cause analysis.

  • Defend - Provides Elastic Serverless Security
    To ensure that security does not hinder the performance of your serverless application, Protego identifies and prevents attacks in real time with the minimum effective dose of protection. Protego Function Self-Protection inspects and filters inputs, blocking attacks at the function level but in the context of the full application flow.

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