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Value-Leading Identity for All Use Cases

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Keep Customers Data Safe from Attacks

Implement modern security features, like MFA and biometrics, to prevent costly breaches that damage customers and destroy your reputation. AI-powered MFA streamlines real-time visibility into login attempts, enabling you to act quickly to address high-risk login events.

Create Seamless Trusted Digital Experiences

Ensure fast, convenient authentication so the first—and every—engagement is seamless. Provide a consistent, trusted login experience across all devices and applications, and eliminate friction during the sign in and registration process with passwordless authentication and Social Login.

Quickly Mitigate End-Users Without Interrupting the User Experience

Easily implement modern security protocols without the significant investment to build in-house solutions. OneLogin works with your existing system to quickly migrate your customers without impacting their user experience.

Ensure High Availability & Reliability at Scale

Operate at the scale and speed your end-users demand. When you leverage OneLogin for identity, you can feel confident in our 99.9% reliability and up-time.


  • Cloud Directory - OneLogin’s unified cloud directory is a centralized identity store in the cloud. It can be a minimal directory that captures the necessary amount of profile data required to authenticate the customer—or enhance with data from different sources. Use it as the store for customer identities or synchronize with LDAP and Active Directory (AD) through our pre-built integrations.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) - OneLogin uses the SSO protocols SAML and OpenID Connect to allow customers to sign in to applications without using a password. Once authenticated, customers can access applications that have a trust relationship with OneLogin. If your online portal consists of multiple, discrete applications, customers experience a streamlined, seamless user experience.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) When needed, enforce MFA for increased protection. Require customers to respond with a one-time password sent via text, push notification in the OneLogin Protect mobile app, or biometrics on their devices. Add adaptive authentication to take security to the next level by prompting end-users for an additional factor when an abnormality is detected.
  • Social Login and Registration - Easily implement Social Login and registration for your users. Allowing customers to sign in with their social identity (Facebook, Google, Linkedin, etc.) removes friction and eliminates the need for users to create yet another password.
  • Analytics - OneLogin event webhooks are used to send login events and other user interactions to analytics tools, like SumoLogic and Splunk, for advanced threat detection.

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