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Provides a full line of SSL Certificates, tools, and platforms for optimal certificate management and unparalleled SSL innovation.

Why’s it Important?

The internet in its natural state is insecure and very open. Anytime you send data across the cloud it’s the equivalent of traversing the the Old West by stage coach and not having someone in the Shotgun seat; a lawless place filled with danger.

The only way to make sure your data is protected is to encrypt it. That’s where a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate comes in to play.

An SSL certificate creates a secure link between two parties (typically a website and a browser) and encrypts (hides) the data sent over that link from prying eyes. The certificate also allows for secure authentications (essentially a secret handshake) that allow both a browser and website to know the other is safe to do business with.

How DigiCert is Different:

DigiCert knows SSL certificates. They have provided SSL Certificates and SSL management tools for over a decade. While other CAs offer a variety of products unrelated to encryption, DigiCert is solely focused on SSL innovation, which is paired with unmatched customer service.

DigiCert provides a full line of SSL Certificates, tools, and platforms for optimal certificate management. They are the industry leaders and work with manufacturers, government entities, educational facilities, and healthcare providers to provide secured communication.

DigiCert serves over 115,000 customers in more than 180 countries. Their customers come from every industry, including e-commerce, education, financial, government, and healthcare, but all have one thing in common: they trust DigiCert as their partner in online security.

DigiCert has an award-winning in-house technical support team, and has some of the fastest certificate issuance times out of any CA. They don’t outsource or have phone queues because support is one of the most crucial parts of their brand. Their support team will answer questions about any certificate—not just a DigiCert certificate.

DigiCert is the only Certificate Authority (CA) to have earned a 5-star rating on These authentic reviews highlight all of the greatest aspects of DigiCert: exceptional customer support, ease of managing certificates, fastest issuance speeds, and more.


  • Unlimited server licenses
  • Free unlimited reissues for the lifetime of the certificate
  • Validates proof of domain ownership and organization identity
  • Certificate Utility with one-click installation
  • Free Discovery Tool
  • Supports 128-bit and 256-bit encryption
  • Certificates for also work with