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Go on the offense against attackers.

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Level the Playing Field

Remove an Attacker's Unfair Advantage

Get the upper hand with Cybereason Total Endpoint Protection: behavior-based, offense-first Endpoint Detection, and more.

Why it's Important to Protect Your End-Points:

An endpoint is an end-user device (PC, servers, etc). Each of these endpoints offers up potential windows of opportunity for threats. The more businesses transition to a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model and allow people to work remotely, the more the traditional network security wall of defense starts to crumble.

How Cybereason Can Help You:

Cybereason’s corps of elite cyber-security experts go on the offense against attackers. Information Security professionals are fighting a never-ending battle. Those professionals need to improve their security skills to stay ahead.

Cybereason uses a four-step process to identify, engage and defeat threats.

Step 1 - Collect

Silent sensors are quickly deployed on endpoints and servers collecting telemetry in real time. No reboots and no disruptions.

Step 2 - Detect

Cybereason’s Analytics Engine queries data at a rate of 8 million questions a second across the entire environment, augmenting your existing team with technology, not more bodies.

Step 3 - Hunt

Their Hunting Team goes on the offensive, profiling your environment using our analysis platform to find the low and slow insidious activity missed from signature-focused tools and teams.

Step 4 - Report

Cybereason will present a comprehensive report of incidents, findings, and recommendations to close gaps and improve your security posture.


  • Unparalleled speed of deployment and detection
  • Exceptional cost-effectiveness
  • No business interruption
  • Unique cyber hunting and incident response expertise
  • Most advanced prevention, detection, and response technology

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