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Over 19 million Internet customers across 39 states and the District of Columbia, the Comcast Network is the largest facilities-based last-mile alternative.

Why It’s Important

Why is connectivity important? Because it’s everything in today’s world, especially for businesses.

Since the adoption of the cloud, businesses have been allowed to spread out. It isn’t necessary that everybody has to occupy the same professional space while remaining connected to each other online.

It’s super easy to load information up to the cloud and send it along to it’s destination. Sending data from office to office is sort of like putting little digital cars in motion to travel along the information highway. The problem is businesses aren’t the only contributors to traffic on the Internet.

There are over 3 Billion people who have Internet access today and on average, world wide, we create 2.5 QUINTILLION bits of data a day.

Most of that isn’t just stored on local devices like phones, tablets or PCs, it’s pushed and pulled across the Internet.

Let’s put that in perspective and make it a little easier to understand. 2.5 quintillion is a pretty big number after all.

Here is it in more consumable terms; every sixty seconds (1 minute) there are:

204,000 emails sent (293,760,000 emails a day)

72 hours of footage uploaded to Youtube (103,680 hours of footage a day)

277,000 tweets (398,880,000 tweets a day)

216,000 posts to Instagram (311,040,000 posts to Instagram a day)

Keeping that in mind, your start to understand why it’s important for a business to have fast, reliable and dedicated Internet connections. You don’t want to compete with all that traffic that out there.

How Comcast is Different:

Comcast understand’s connectivity so well they’ve developed a line of products that help businesses connect on a daily basis with out having to worry about losing touch. These four products, combined with the security products we offer, make for a winning combination.

Those products are:

Comcast Dedicated Internet Access - Support bandwidth-intensive applications with a robust Internet connection and an Enterprise feature set with a highly secure Ethernet Internet. (Read More)

Comcast Ethernet Network Services - Ethernet Network Service provides a fully-meshed network topology, resulting in the highest-availability for all your locations. (Read More)

Comcast Ethernet Private Line - Transmit data from point A to point B faster. Securely transmit data between two locations via Comcast’s private network, all with a unified Ethernet protocol from end-to-end. (Read More)

Comcast Ethernet Virtual Private Line - EVPL from Comcast Business helps improve application performance across your network with a private, point-to-multipoint network design between multiple locations, even to a third party data center or cloud platform. (Read More)