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Why It’s Important

With the invention of the cloud, (both public and private) it’s not uncommon in today’s world to apply something called elastic computing.

Elastic computing allows resources to be scaled up and down on demand and provision flexible computing power whenever required (that can apply to processing power, storage, bandwidth, etc).

The ability to distribute resources on demand with elastic computing introduces us to a new breed of security challenges. Traditional network and endpoint security tools no longer work as expected and trying to maintain a continuous level of visibility and protection is challenging.

Traditional tools just aren’t agile enough and require a tremendous amount of manual change control. They don’t scale and they don’t automatically deploy as systems spin up. The old tools just aren’t elastic.

Realizing this was the case, CloudPassage developed HALO to protect workloads and servers from attacks.

How CloudPassage is Different:

HALO is fast. Installation of agents is totally automated. Halo integrates with DevOps tools such as Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible, and Jenkins. If workloads move or IP addresses change, Halo automatically follows the workload.

HALO is portable. HALO works with equal efficiency in any environment—data center, private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

Traditional security agents are large and consume a lot of CPU on your servers and cloud instances. You wind up paying for more cloud resources in order to secure your cloud resources.

HALO agents are extremely lightweight. All security analytics are done on CloudPassage’s servers, instead of your servers and cloud workloads. Single function products each focused on network security, workload protection, compromise detection, etc, make you acquire an arsenal of tools.

HALO is comprehensive. It includes a broad range of security controls at both the host and network levels. You can replace multiple traditional security products with Halo.

On-premise security systems require effort to scale. As your number of workloads increases, you need to purchase and install more gear.

HALO is scalable instantly, on-demand. CloudPassage customers routinely scale Halo to over 10,000 workloads in just a few days.


  • Workload Protection - HALO helps you reduce your software attack surface by ensuring proper security configuration, discovering software vulnerabilities and controlling administrative access.

  • Compromise Detection - HALO alerts you if your workloads have been compromised, either unintentionally or through external malicious activity.

  • Micro segmentation - HALO reduces your network attack surface by protecting against lateral movement of threats through traffic discovery and micro-segmentation.

  • Compliance - HALO automates compliance functions, saving time and money by proving the security posture of all assets in scope of regulations within seconds.

  • DevSecOps - HALO bakes security right into continuous development processes like DevOps.

  • AWS EC2 - HALO complements AWS security with workload-level protection.