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Prevent Known and Unknown Attacks
with Machine Learning & Math Modeling.

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Don't Get Rocked by Malware.

Next-Gen tech in the end-point protection space and the first company to apply artificial intelligence, algorithmic science and machine learning to cyber-security.

Why it's Important to Protect Your End-Points:

The threat detection landscape is ever changing. New and improved threats are continually being released into the wild every day.

Traditional end-point protection & threat detection software (McAfee, Symantec, etc) use pre-existing logs and lists of threats already detected to determine whether or not software one of your end-users downloaded is malicious.

But if new threats are continually being developed and evolving, how long does it take for those pre-existing threat logs to be updated, and if the threat currently attacking your system isn’t on there, how long do you have before a catastrophic loss?

How BlackBerry Protect is Different:

When it comes to threat detection, BlackBerry Protect is an entirely different beast when compared to their competitors. BlackBerry Protect uses artificial intelligence (via math models and machine learning) to determine whether or not the file an end-user just downloaded is a threat or not.

Only an artificial intelligence approach can identify and prevent both known and unknown cyber threats from ever executing or causing harm to your endpoint.

Using a breakthrough predictive analysis process, BlackBerry Protect quickly and accurately identifies what is safe and what is a threat, not just what is on a blacklist or whitelist.

By coupling sophisticated machine learning and artificial intelligence with a unique understanding of a hacker’s mentality, BlackBerry Protect provides the technology and services to be truly predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

From their cloud-based supercomputer, BlackBerry Protect is continuously obtaining hundreds of millions of files from various places and extracting the information they need to find and eliminate threats to your system.

BlackBerry Protect has learned the difference between good and bad software without having to check or download vast databases of virus signatures regularly, and it only takes up to 30 megabytes of physical hard drive space per instance.

Unlike the competition, BlackBerry Protect is easy to manage, has a minimal system impact (typically using less than 1% of your system resources) and requires no Internet connection, performing entirely on the local host for threat detection and protection. BlackBerry Protect only needs an update when it improves its model.


  • Unbeatable Detection: Only an artificial intelligence approach can identify and prevent both known and unknown cyber-threats from ever executing or causing harm to your endpoints
  • Easy to Manage: Managing your endpoint security just got easier with an intuitive web console and simple integration to your SIEM. With no signature updates or scan schedules needed, BlackBerry Protect just works.
  • No Internet Required: Unlike other antivirus and endpoint detection and response vendors that require connecting to a cloud to be effective, BlackBerry Protect offers threat prevention on the local host without an Internet connection.
  • Low Resource Usage: Excellent protection shouldn’t impact a system. Protect uses less than 1% CPU with a tiny memory footprint. BlackBerry Protect wins back valuable system resources and extends the life of existing hardware.

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