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Protect Your Business and Brand by Detecting and Disabling Phishing Attacks Before they Cause Damage.

Stop a Phishing Attack in its Tracks.

Phishing attacks remain the primary cybersecurity threat to organizations of all sizes. Existing defenses struggle with these highly focused and sophisticated campaigns.

Users are constantly lured into falling for phishing baits, leading to massive financial damage and data loss. The speed, variety, and cunning of these attacks underscore the urgent need for a new, advanced platform to address them.

Area 1 Horizon, a cloud-based service, deploys in minutes and stops phishing attacks across all traffic vectors—email, web, or network.

Why You Should Choose Area 1:

Area 1's anti-phishing solution stops the attacks that cause nearly all the damage—that dangerous one percent that other solutions miss. They offer unprecedented, performance-based protection.

Area 1 Horizon discovers, detects, and takes action against phishing attacks early in the cycle, before they become large-scale campaigns. Area 1 Security gives you a critical time advantage that’s approximately 24 days ahead of industry benchmarks to stop these attacks.

Their solution is the only one in the industry to provide comprehensive and decisive actions against all forms of phishing attacks, across all traffic vectors: network, email, and web. Area 1 Horizon extends those same protections to your partners and digital ecosystem stakeholders, so that your entire organization is secure at all times.

Area 1 believe in delivering cybersecurity that works. If it doesn’t work, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. That’s why we offer a new model of cybersecurity—the first and only performance-based protection in the industry. With a 99.997% catch rate and 24+ day time advantage over competing solutions, they're confident in delivering the most effective protection you can buy.

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