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Our Partners and the SolarWinds Hack...

Honestly...2020 has been a heck of a year. A pandemic, a recession, a contentious election, and then a hack that impacted not only 18,000 business but rocked our Federal Government to its core.

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4 min read

An Ode to VPNs: Why Traditional Solutions Stink & Three Replacements

If you've ever had to connect remotely over Virtual Private Network (VPN) for work, you're missing out. Dante's Inferno would have included VPNs, had they been around in the 14th Century.

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Scammers are Using Cheap Domains to Commit Nefarious Deeds...

Our partners at Zscaler have posted a blog regarding Scammers and a strategy they've been leveraging lately that involves domain squatting and bulk domain registrations to launch their nefarious schemes.

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3 min read

Traditional VPNs Stink. Try Zscaler Private Access Instead

Okay…honest question. Who likes using a VPN? Raise your hands and I’ll take a quick count…oh. Nobody? Really? Huh. You know what? I’m not all that surprised.

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