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1 min read

Zeppelin Reunites...the Ransomware. Not the Band. Sorry.

I apologize to all of you Led Zepplinists in the audience, but I couldn't help myself. A fairly recent form of ransomware, called Zeppelin (duh) has...

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Replace the Traditional VPN

4 min read

An Ode to VPNs: Why Traditional Solutions Stink & Three Replacements

If you've ever had to connect remotely over Virtual Private Network (VPN) for work, you're missing out. Dante's Inferno would have included VPNs, had...

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2 min read

What the DUHK is going on?

Talk about a wild goose chase...

According to a few recently published/released security blogs and podcasts there’s a “new” vulnerability out there...

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VPNs Stink

3 min read

Traditional VPNs Stink. Try Zscaler Private Access Instead

Okay…honest question. Who likes using a VPN? Raise your hands and I’ll take a quick count…oh. Nobody? Really? Huh. You know what? I’m not all that...

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