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3 min read

CISA Announcement: Conti Ransomware Service & ZLoader...

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a new alert and it's pretty important because it could impact everybody who's currently being served advertisements by Google.

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1 min read

Ryuk Ransomware Now Deadlier

A new Ryuk ransomware variant has appeared in the wild, now with  worm-like capabilities.

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3 min read

The TrickBot Botnet Resurgence Via Phishing Attacks

A botnet that's plagued people on and off since 2016 has reared its ugly head again, this time focusing on phishing campaigns that target legal firms and insurance companies.

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2 min read

Jackson County, GA Pays Cybercriminals $400,000 to Unlock Computers After Ransomware Attack.

Another municipality in the State of Georgia has become the victim of a crippling cyber attack.

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