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SHIELD's Up. Russian Cyberattacks Incoming...

War is raging in Ukraine. We might feel relatively removed here in the US, far from the bomb blasts and artillery strikes. While the threat of conventional warfare reaching our shore is still a relatively distant reality, we might be facing a different...

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6 min read

WhisperGate: The Newest Russian Cyberthreat

Not all the bombs falling across Ukraine today are traditional munitions. Some of them are in fact relegated to the cybersphere. Most notably is WhisperGate, the brand-spanking newest digital weapon straight out of the Kremlin.

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REPORT: Virtual Cyrillic Keyboard Protects from DarkSide Ransomware...

Originally this article was going to be about The DarkSide group breaking up and shutting down shop after losing access to their servers and all their funds (as documented in this post from the Washington Post). But in doing some research, I found...

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4 min read

DarkSide Hacking Group Brings Colonial Pipeline to its Knees...

On May 6th, a ransomware infestation from a Russian hacking group has shut down the 5,500 mile-long fuel pipeline that feeds MOST of the United States Eastern seaboard, just in time for the summer travel rush.

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SolarWinds and FireEye Breached: What You Should Know...

It's been a heck of a month for cybercriminals. Two major cybersecurity firms had their lunch eaten by hackers

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3 min read

Is FaceApp Really a Security Threat?

FaceApp! It's the newest thing! It's all the rage! You can make your parents young! You can make your children old! It doesn't work on dogs yet but hey, there's a possibility one day it will!

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Russian Hackers at it Again: Post Election Edition

Looks like the Russians are up to something...again. This time it looks like they've launched a phishing campaign against the U.S. State Department.

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