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PII Data

3 min read

The T-Mobile Hack: At Least 49 Million Accounts Compromised...

Telecom giant T-Mobile has been hacked. AT LEAST 49 million accounts have been compromised. The leaked data includes things like:

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Halfway Through 2021: 30 Cybersecurity Breaches of Note

As we enter the second half of 2021, I thought it'd be good to summarize 30 of the most noteworthy security breaches we've seen so far this year. 30...THIRTY.  I'd love to say it's unbelievable but's not.

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2 min read

The April 3rd Facebook Hack: What You Need to Know...

Late last week the news broke regarding a massive PII leak, impacting close to 553,000,000 Facebook users across 106 countries...including 32 million Americans (one of whom is Facebook CEO and creator, Mark Zuckerberg).

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Was breached? Yes, but not by hackers...

There's a rumor going around that some Amazon customers have been getting emails from the retail giant saying some of their information (the email account they created their account with) had been leaked due to a "technical error."

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