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4 min read

The April 3rd Facebook Hack: What You Need to Know...

By Carl Keyser on Apr 8, 2021 11:52:46 AM

Late last week the news broke regarding a massive PII leak, impacting close to 553,000,000 Facebook users across 106 countries...including 32 million Americans (one of whom is Facebook CEO and creator, Mark Zuckerberg).

Topics: Hacked PII PII Data Data Breach
5 min read

Ubiquiti Hack Larger Than Previously Reported

By Carl Keyser on Mar 31, 2021 1:07:21 PM

Early this year, Ubiquiti Networks announced to their customers that they'd been breached. The Internet of Things (IoT) device maker let customers know via an email that the company had recently become aware of an unauthorized breach via a third-party cloud provider.

Topics: Hacked Ubiquiti
2 min read

Security Cameras at Tesla, Cloudflare, and More Hacked

By Carl Keyser on Mar 10, 2021 3:13:42 PM

It's easy to forget sometimes that the IoT encompasses more than just end-points and network devices. To help drive home that fact, Bleeping Computer has posted a story regarding hacked IoT security cameras. 

Topics: Hacked Cloudflare Verkada
3 min read

The DealerLeads Breach: What You Need to Know...

By Carl Keyser on Sep 16, 2019 2:44:18 PM

198 million people who were looking for a new car just had their PII data stolen by hackers. The breached database belonged to DealerLeads, an online company that focuses on helping people find their next car.

Topics: Hacked Data Breach
2 min read

Hackers Have Been Spying on iPhones for Years

By Carl Keyser on Sep 4, 2019 2:12:11 PM


Topics: apple google Hacked Cyberattack Hackers Project Zero Security Exploit iPhone
1 min read

British Airways Fined £183 Million in GDPR Breach...

By Carl Keyser on Jul 9, 2019 4:04:02 PM

Last year British Airlines got hacked. 380,000 customers had their data exposed. The criminal group Magecart claimed responsibility. That's old news (but you can read about it here).

Topics: Hacked GDPR British Airways
1 min read

Finally! Sweet, Sweet Justice: Equifax is Getting Kicked Right in the Money Bags

By Carl Keyser on May 23, 2019 4:24:41 PM

At last, sweet, sweet justice.

Topics: Hacked Equifax Cyberattack