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Covid-19 (2)

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Hey Zoom Users! Here are 7 Ways to Avoid a Zoombombing!


 A new, and disgusting trend has reared its ugly head: Zoombombing. Zoombombing is when an online troll enters a Zoom video conferencing meeting with the intent to disrupt, disgust, and damage the occupants and derail the meeting's purpose or...

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Scammers Leveraging Covid-19 Confusion to Take Advantage of People

Scammers are legitimately trying to take advantage of people online during the Covid-19 crisis.

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6 min read

7 Ways to Work from Home Productively

I assume many of you reading this are like me. You're working from home in the shadow of an international pandemic. 43 million Americans, coast to coast, are in the same boat as us. They're having just as hard a time dealing with the crisis as you or I.

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Covid-19: Security7 Networks Update

Security7/Covid-19 Related News:

We wanted to take a minute and let you know how Security7 Networks plans to operate in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic:

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7 min read

Covid-19: How to Stay Healthy

This isn't the type of article I ever thought I'd be posting here on the Security7 Networks blog. We talk about computer viruses, the digital kind, not actual real-world pathogens. So, writing about Covid-19 and its impact on everyone is relatively novel...

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