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1 min read

$500 to the Charity of Your Choice...

We've got a webinar coming up. I know, you've probably been inundated with requests to join webinars since this whole COVID-19 Pandemic started.

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3 min read

Covid-19: An Update on Public Schools

If you've been following along with the blog, you're probably aware of the work we've been doing with HB 1612/RSA 189:66. It's a bit of privacy...
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Replace the Traditional VPN

4 min read

An Ode to VPNs: Why Traditional Solutions Stink & Three Replacements

If you've ever had to connect remotely over Virtual Private Network (VPN) for work, you're missing out. Dante's Inferno would have included VPNs, had...

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2 min read

Hey Zoom Users! Here are 7 Ways to Avoid a Zoombombing!


 A new, and disgusting trend has reared its ugly head: Zoombombing. Zoombombing is when an online troll enters a Zoom video conferencing meeting...

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1 min read

Scammers Leveraging Covid-19 Confusion to Take Advantage of People

Scammers are legitimately trying to take advantage of people online during the Covid-19 crisis.

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6 min read

7 Ways to Work from Home Productively

I assume many of you reading this are like me. You're working from home in the shadow of an international pandemic. 43 million Americans, coast to...

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1 min read

Covid-19: Security7 Networks Update

Security7/Covid-19 Related News:

We wanted to take a minute and let you know how Security7 Networks plans to operate in regards to the Covid-19...

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