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8 min read

The 7 Steps of a Successful Risk Assessment

By Carl Keyser on Aug 27, 2020 10:05:00 AM

There’s been a lot of talk about standards and compliance (ISO 27001 and GDPR to name a few). We’ve been talking about these standards quite a bit lately (here and here). What we haven’t done a lot of is talk about what people need to do to prepare for these standards while assuring you’re compliant with the obligations you already have.

Topics: ISO 27001 Compliance Risk Assessment GDPR
9 min read

ISO 27001: The Compliance Chameleon

By Carl Keyser on Aug 24, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Executive Summary: ISO 27001 is the only internationally-accepted and recognized information security standard in existence. It can be implemented in any organization (regardless of size), and any vertical. 

Topics: Thought Leadership ISO 27001 Compliance PCI PII HIPAA
3 min read

Introducing Security Advisory Services.

By Carl Keyser on Jan 15, 2019 3:08:18 PM

What are Security Advisory Services?

Security7 Network's Security Advisory Services (SAS) provides small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises with access to in-demand information security services and capabilities which may not be organic to your organization due to cost or lack of available talent.

Topics: Managed Security Services Compliance Best Practices Security as a Service Security Advisory Services
3 min read

Introducing Darrin Maggy, our NEW Practice Manager

By Carl Keyser on Jan 7, 2019 8:00:00 AM

The security threat landscape keeps changing and Security7 Networks changes right along with it. Every day brings unique challenges and threats to our door, and we rise to meet both with the best solutions and strategies available.

Topics: MSSP ISO 27001 Compliance Risk Assessment Best Practices Security as a Service SAS
4 min read

New Hampshire: It's Time to Talk about HB 1612

By Carl Keyser on Jan 4, 2019 12:11:17 PM

If people working in the education space thought they were immune to the risk of cyberattack, think again: Educators across the country were welcomed back to school this fall by an FBI warning to tread carefully into the risky waters of education technology.

Topics: Compliance New Hampshire Compliance HB 1612