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5 min read

Meet Valak: The Marquis of Malware


I'm not sure if you're a horror fan, or if you like spooky stuff. Hey, maybe you are, if you're reading this you work in cybersecurity and there's plenty of stuff in this industry that can scare the pants off you on a daily basis.

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2 min read

Introducing Security Advisory Services.

What are Security Advisory Services?

Security7 Network's Security Advisory Services (SAS) provides small to medium-sized businesses and enterprises with access to in-demand information security services and capabilities which may not be organic to your...

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2 min read

Introducing Darrin Maggy, our NEW Practice Manager

The security threat landscape keeps changing and Security7 Networks changes right along with it. Every day brings unique challenges and threats to our door, and we rise to meet both with the best solutions and strategies available.

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1 min read

New USB-C Authentication Program Seems Promising

If you're a Mac user, like most of us at the Security7 office are, you're already using USB-C in some form. It was a tough switch. There were...dongles. Lots and lots of dongles.

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Cyber Hygiene Best Practices

A great article from the fine folk over at Fortinet (via regarding cyber hygiene best practices.
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