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5 min read

Should You Upgrade to iOS 14? Yup and Here's Why...

The IoT isn't the safest place, all-things-considered. Hacked cameras, hacked appliances, hacked video game consoles, and worst of all, hacked...

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1 min read

Hackers Have Been Spying on iPhones for Years

Google's Project Zero announced some big news last Thursday: hackers have been using "Watering Hole" style attacks for years to spy on iPhones...
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1 min read

MacOS Exploit Targets Saved Keychain Passwords

A recently discovered MacOS exploit allows someone to steal usernames and passwords directly from the Keychain app with out requiring an...

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3 min read

QR Codes are Making a Comeback...and That may be Dangerous

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes for short) have been around for a while. They're an insanely popular marketing device in China, Japan and other Asian...

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