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FYI: The Astaroth Trojan Part II

Mar 11, 2019 10:36:09 AM

The Astaroth Trojan: Part II

Cybereason has released an update regarding the recent re-emergence of the Astaroth Trojan. You can read it here

I wrote briefly about the subject on February 22nd. You can read that blog article here:

Attack highlights include:

1. The Astaroth Trojan spam campaign is a Trojan most recently used to steal passwords 
    and personal information from individuals in Brazil.

2. Brazil is a major contributor to global cybercrime that continues to have a plethora of
    new, nefarious activities targeting individuals.

3. The Astaroth Trojan disguises its payload as JPEG, GIF, and extension-less files to avoid

4. The campaign exploits legitimate operating system processes as well as security vendor
    products from companies like Avast and GAS Tecnologia to gain information about the
    target machine and steal password information, as well as keystate information and
    clipboard usage.

5. Full research on the latest Astaroth Trojan variant can be found here.

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