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Covid-19: Security7 Networks Update

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Security7/Covid-19 Related News:

We wanted to take a minute and let you know how Security7 Networks plans to operate in regards to the Covid-19 pandemic:

  1. We're open for business: We're busier now than ever helping our customers implement telework solutions. We're just implementing a work from home policy. This is a relatively small but efficient workforce, and truth be told, most of us work remotely (i.e. from home) as it is.
  2. Our physical office(s) will be closed to the general public: Because we regularly work remotely, we're rarely in one of our physical office spaces as it is. However, while this shakes out, it's been decided to close our locations to everyone except employees that need to be in the office for physical tasks like packaging, shipping and receiving equipment.
  3. On-site meetings will be extremely limited: Security7 employees are often out on the road meeting with clients, offering on-site support and answering questions. We know that totally eliminating on-site meetings is impossible, that's the nature of the business we're in, but we are working with our customers to find a way to both help them meet their needs while keeping everyone healthy at the same time. Your health is just as important to us as our own, so the less time we spend physically face to face, it's probably for the better.
  4. MOST IMPORTANT - If your office is looking at implementing a work from home policy for employees, we can help: The last thing I want at this point in time is to make anything I say next sound like a sales pitch. That's not my intention. But since this started, we've had a lot of our customers reach out to us in regards to helping them implement the technology and guidelines necessary for their employees and coworkers to do business remotely while still still staying secure on the internet. We can help. We have the tools and access to the technology to help you. Call us ((877) 664-9379), send us an email (, or leave us a message here on the blog. Even if it's just with a quick question, we're happy to help you. It's why we're here.

So, that's it! That's our stance on this whole Covid-19 dilemma, pandemic, whatever it may actually be. We're not going anywhere, we're still going to offer you the best service and security we can, and if you need us, we'll be there for you.

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