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CISA adds 8 Vulnerabilities to Active Bug List...

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Eight actively exploited bugs have been added to the US Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog. The bugs are as follows:

CVE Number CVE Title Required Action Due Date
CVE-2022-22587 Apple IOMobileFrameBuffer Memory Corruption Vulnerability 2/11/2022
CVE-2021-20038 SonicWall SMA 100 Appliances Stack-Based Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 2/11/2022
CVE-2014-7169 GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability 7/28/2022
CVE-2014-6271 GNU Bourne-Again Shell (Bash) Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability 7/28/2022
CVE-2020-0787 Microsoft Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) Improper Privilege Management Vulnerability 7/28/2022
CVE-2014-1776 Microsoft Internet Explorer Use-After-Free Vulnerability 7/28/2022
CVE-2020-5722 Grandstream Networks UCM6200 Series SQL Injection Vulnerability 7/28/2022
CVE-2017-5689 Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), Small Business Technology (SBT), and Standard Manageability Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 7/28/2022

Not all of them are new but all of them are still problematic. CISA says that all of the vulnerabilities have been actively used in attacks. Some of the vulnerabilities, like CVE-2022-22587, was patched by Apple last week in a security update.

In total there are 351 vulnerabilities on CISA's list. You can find that here: https://www.cisa.gov/known-exploited-vulnerabilities-catalog

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