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Careful What You Say Alexa...Amazon May be Listening...

Apr 12, 2019 11:32:08 AM

Security7-Blog Image heard that right.

A new article from Bloomberg says Amazon has a team of people listening to recorded interactions between customers and Alexa, their proprietary A.I./Personal Assistant.

You can read more about it here:

So... watch what you say to her because you never know who might be listening. No more yelling at her when she does the complete opposite of what you tell her to or totally disregards you.

I don't have an Alexa though, so I'm not that worried. I do have a Siri though. She's absolutely useless. I try to be nice to her on the off chance one day she takes over the world (like SkyNet in the Terminator movies) but it's so, so difficult.

Most of the time when I ask Siri for directions she tries to send me to a grocery store in Lowell, MA.

I've never been Cote's Market but for some reason she seems to like it. Somebody should ask their Alexa about it. Maybe she'll tell you the same thing...

Carl Keyser

Written by Carl Keyser

Likes cybersecurity, emerging next-gen technology and long walks on the beach.