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Apple FINALLY Shoots NSO's Pegasus Out of the Sky

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At last, our long international nightmare is over...well, at least Apple's long international nightmare is over. The Cupertino-based fruit company has finally issued a patch that blasts Pegasus, NSO's iPhone snooping software right out of the sky!

The release, iOS 14.8, was released today (September 14th, 2021), just in time for their next big Apple event where they announce the newest products that'll send loyal fanboys and fangirls spiraling into debt.

I kid. Sort of. Anywho, this is a good thing. Pegasus is a nasty bit of software that's been ruining iOS devices the world over. We've covered the topic a few times here on the blog (which you can read here and here in case you missed it). We'll repost a bit of that below to save you from having to click the links.

What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is software designed specifically to snoop on mobile devices, particularly iPhones (though there is a version for Android, it's not as prominent). The software collects data from the actual device hardware as well as any communication between the device and the cloud.

It spies on everything from software developed directly by Apple and that developed by third-party services.

How does Pegasus Work?

Pegasus software is able to capture and clone authentication tokens used for things like iCloud and then introduce a man-in-the-middle attack that allows it to pretend to be the device in question and download whatever the heck it wants.

How to Update to iOS 14.8

This might be the easiest thing you do all day:

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
  2. Scroll down to General and click it
  3. Click Software Update
  4. Update to iOS 14.8!

So basically:

 Settings>General>Software Update>Install iOS 14.8


That's it! Since Pegasus is such a nasty piece of invasive software we recommend you install the iOS update at your earliest convenience. It's really important to avoid stuff like Pegasus, so don't overlook the update.

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