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Cloudflare Bounces 8Chan in Wake of Mass Shootings

Cloudflare is a favorite of ours. We like their style. Cloudflare is very transparent with their decision making processes and we appreciate that too. That kind of transparency also means Cloudflare doesn't shy away from controversial subjects and the decisions they make regarding those subjects.

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Samuel L. Jackson Says 'Hold on to Your Butts': Hacker Compromises 100 Million Capital One Customer Records

Samuel L. Jackson has worn many hats. He's been the IT Director at a Dinosaur Theme Park, a Jedi Knight, a P.I. (the baddest P.I. since Richard Roundtree), a mob hitman, a fighter-of-snakes-on-planes, a one-eyed international super-spy, and most recently a credit card pitch man for Capital One Bank.

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Working BlueKeep Exploit Announced - Are You Patched?

Immunity, a cybersecurity contracting company based out of Miami, Florida has announced a working exploit for the dreaded BlueKeep vulnerability. But you don't have to panic.

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Is FaceApp Really a Security Threat?

FaceApp! It's the newest thing! It's all the rage! You can make your parents young! You can make your children old! It doesn't work on dogs yet but hey, there's a possibility one day it will!

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NSO Group's Pegasus Software Snoops on iOS Without Being Noticed

This is some spooky stuff.

The Financial Times is reporting that Israeli firm NSO Group has developed software that can not only collect data from an iPhone user's physical device abut also collect all communication between it and the cloud. There's even a version that works on Android devices.

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The NEW Cylance Vulnerability: What You Need to Know

Skylight Cyber recently announced they'd found a pretty major vulnerability in CylancePROTECT that allows for Malware to trick the program's software ranking system. This vulnerability effectively allows the malware to work around any level of protection Cylance might provide, all because of a few added lines of code.

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K12 Inc. Breached - Were Your Students Affected?

If your school uses the A+nyWhere Learning System from K12 Inc, there's a good chance your student's PII data was exposed between June 23 and July 1.

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