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What is GDPR and How Does it Affect American Businesses?


John Donne said in Meditation XVII that "no man is an island." Each of us is part of the larger whole. Because we are so interwoven or connected, the actions of one can or does, affect the rest.

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A New Flash Exploit Has Been Seen in the Wild. Protect Yourselves.



(Flash! Aaaaaaaah-aaaaaah! He'll save every one of us! - Queen)

Okay, okay. This article isn't about Flash Gordon. I just couldn't resist using the picture. It's about Adobe Flash Vers., a Zero-Day exploit, and a Phishing campaign recently discovered by the South Korean Computer Emergency Response Team (KR-CERT).

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What's the Deal with Meltdown and Spectre?

It's not even a full week into the new year, and we've got two brand spanking new security threats knocking on our door. They're named Meltdown and Spectre, and they're here to ruin not just your day but everybody who's bought a device with a microprocessor in it.

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7 Simple Security Tips for 2018


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So Yesterday You Were Breached...

There is something pathetically optimistic about cybersafety. There is something quietly unsettling about cybersecurity. There’s something nauseously helpless about being breached.

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Fireside Chat with Security7: How this MSSP is Enhancing Security Through the Cloud While Reducing Customer Costs

As organizations embrace the cloud, whether public, private, or a hybrid, multi-cloud environment, their IT team is not only required to architect new networking platforms or infrastructures, but also figure out how to secure this new environment. Unfortunately, many of the tools these organizations currently have in place don’t always scale into a cloud or virtualized environment. And even if they do, they actually result in increased complexity because they often function as separate and isolated security devices, which can severely hamper such things as unified visibility and control.

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Fileless Malware 101: Understanding Non-Malware Attacks


What is fileless malware?

Unlike attacks carried out using traditional malware, fileless malware attacks don’t entail attackers installing software on a victim’s machine. Instead, tools that are built-in to Windows are hijacked by adversaries and used to carry out attacks. Essentially, Windows is turned against itself.

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