Managed Security Services

Stay ahead of cyber attacks and emerging threats with Security7 Networks


    Managed Security Services

    A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) provides you with three things:

    • Experience
    • Availability
    • Cost Savings


    An MSSP can provide not only a host of security services (like intrusion detection and prevention, incident management, managed vulnerability and identity and access solutions), they also provide a level of experience in handling those things that an in-house department might not have.

    Security7 Networks sees problems like DDoS attacks, malware infestations and Phishing scams every day. An in-house InfoSec staff member might only see something like that every few months. Repetition of rote tasks lends itself to a more prepared and experienced team of professionals, one of the key benefits of working with an MSSP.


    A cyber-attack can happen at any time, day or night, a weekday or on the weekend. Your IT team might not be as flexible as a hacker. A responsible MSSP knows that the bad hombres out there on the web have no set schedule and plan accordingly. With an MSSP you’re protected around the clock, 24x7, not just 9 to 5.

    Revolutionary technology allows Security7 Networks to watch your environment like a hawk while you focus on running your business or enjoying downtime with family and friends. You’re covered.

    Cost Savings

    An MSSP really can bring that cost down and here’s why: InfoSec is a full-time job. In-house experience and availability cost money.

    That’s where Security7 Networks shines. We’re good at what we do. We're available to help at the drop of a hat too. Our customers are happy with the services we provide, and we like that our customers are happy. It's why they keep coming back.

    Security7 Networks aggregates costs over a customer base instead of relying on a set budget or single revenue stream. To do adequate InfoSec work you're looking at a team of two to three dedicated professionals. If those people are on staff full time you could be stuck with an annual combined salary of up to $240,000.

    If that’s something you’re comfortable with, that’s great. Not many people are. A good MSSP like Security7 Networks can help you avoid costs like that.

    Why Security7 Networks?

    Security7 Networks can help you stay ahead of cyber-attacks by providing a real-time information security solution. Unlike traditional, reactionary approaches, our intelligent, real-time information security solution immediately strengthens vulnerable technology and provides multi-layer data protection across your entire IT ecosystem.

    Security7 Networks mixes over 20 years of experience in the MSSP space with revolutionary technology from our trusted partners to deliver a response first approach that will keep you up to date with all of your industry-specific compliance needs.

    Our Service Include:

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