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RSA 189:66 (HB 1612)

Together with Security7 Networks, we can help you keep your students, teachers and important records safe.

We can help your SAU implement RSA 189:66 (HB 1612).

What is New Hampshire RSA 189:66 (HB 1612)?

New Hampshire RSA 189:66 (HB 1612) requires all local education agencies to develop a data security plan to protect students, teachers, and department records from cyberattack.

It is mandatory that American companies who do business in the EU and collect the PII data of European Union citizens comply with GDPR.

What are the specifics of RSA 189:66

New Hampshire RSA 189:66 (NH HB1612) was designed specifically to improve the data security posture of School Administrative Units (SAU). The specifics of New Hampshire RSA 189:66 are:

  • Inventory of all software applications, digital tools, and extensions.
  • Review of the inventory and an assurance that they meet or exceed standards set by the department.
  • Update policies and procedures for access to data and protection of privacy for students and staff including acceptable use policy for applications, digital tools, and extensions.
  • Develop response plan for a data breach (RSA 359-C:20)
  • Require all service providers to meet or exceed standards for data protection and privacy.

    Present Data and Privacy Governance Plan to school board.

Security7 Networks can help your SAU with:

• Software inventory 
• Gap Analysis
• Planning & Reporting
• Policy Development
• Maintenance & Improvement
• And much, much more!

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