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What is New Hampshire HB 1612?

New Hampshire House Bill 1612 (HB 1612) requires all local education agencies to develop a data security plan to protect students, teachers, and department records from cyberattack.

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What are the Specifics of HB 1612?

New Hampshire House Bill 1612 (NH HB1612) was designed specificly to improve the data security posture of School Administrative Units (SAU). The specifics of New Hampshire HB 1612 are:

  • Inventory of all software applications, digital tools, and extensions.
  • Review of the inventory and an assurance that they meet or exceed standards set by the department.
  • Update policies and procedures for access to data and protection of privacy for students and staff including acceptable use policy for applications, digital tools, and extensions.
  • Develop response plan for a data breach (RSA 359-C:20)
  • Require all service providers to meet or exceed standards for data protection and privacy.
Present Data and Privacy Governance Plan to school board.

How can Security7 Networks Help? 

Security7 Networks has developed a custom HB 1612 solution that is designed to help SAUs implement and maintain a healthy data security posture, keeping students, teachers and databases safe. It includes: 

HB1612 Inventory-01

Software Inventory

Thoughtful process to inventory software currently being used by the LEA. Includes establishment of criteria for use and other documentation and tools required.


Gap Analysis

Determine how the LEA's current control environment compares to the minimum standards for privacy and security established by the NH Department of Education. Identifies gaps and provides detailed findings report.


Planning & Reporting

Meet with stakeholders to discuss observations and findings of preliminary phases to agree on best remediation approach. Develop roadmap for Data and Privacy Governance Plan. Establish reporting function, communications plan, and planning documents.


Policy Development

Develop and implement all policies explicitly required by HB 1612 along with additional supportive policy documents as deemed appropriate per information security best-practice to best assure the desired outcome of the law.


Maintenance & Improvement

Establish metrics to help the LEA maintain their comprehensive Data and Privacy Governance Plan and facilitate continuous improvement of their privacy and data posture.


Quality Service

Security7 Networks' intelligent, real-time information security solution immediately strengthens vulnerable technology and offers multi-layer data protection across your entire IT ecosystem.

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