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About Us

Our Team Lives Cybersecurity

Who we are

Security7 Networks is an inter-networking and security systems integrator specializing in the installation and remote management of networks for organizations throughout the United States and across the world. Our core competencies include implementing security framework, designing systems that are highly reliable, scale with your business objectives and meet your security requirements.

We are a team of experienced and dedicated IT services professionals, and we look forward to helping you secure the long-term health of your business.

Security7 was founded with a desire to reduce the cost of high-end security products and make them affordable for small-to-medium sized businesses." Up until fairly recently, high-end security products were the purview of enterprises only," said Brian Thomas, Security7's CTO.

"Small to medium-sized business simply couldn't afford to own, operate and manage those technologies. We decided there was a better way to do this."

And there was. Over the next ten years, Security7 has changed the way their clients experience information security by focusing on three things:


Financial scalability allows for Security7 to transform what would typically be an extraordinary capital expense for things like hardware to a predictable, monthly, operational cost.


Existing security architecture has been traditionally fragile. Security7 implements new revolutionary technology from our trusted partners that not only provide a higher degree of security but increased reliability regarding accessing Internet-based resources.


Unlike traditional, reactionary approaches, our intelligent, real-time information security solution immediately strengthens vulnerable technology and provides multi-layer data protection across your entire IT ecosystem.

We've made it our mission in life to abide by those three rules. It's served us well. We also believe that anyone who participates in this business needs to have the same ethical make-up/composition as the three partners.

All employees need to know how to handle personal and confidential information and understand current cyber threats. As a result, background checks and certifications for all employees are mandatory across the board. 

Our Team

Learn more about us below.

Staff - Brian Thomas

Brian Thomas

Chief Technology Officer
Staff - Jay Smith

Jay Smith

President of Sales
Staff - Ray Scholl

Ray Scholl

Chief Information Security Officer

Darrin Maggy

Practice Manager, CISSP
Staff - Cheryl Cote

Cheryl Cote

Account Manager
Staff - Carl Keyser

Carl Keyser

Marketing Manager

Staff - Shannon Stroebel

Shannon Stroebel

Client Success Manager
Staff - Bob Salvadore

Bob Salvadore

Senior Network Engineer
Staff - Ken Shevlin

Ken Shevlin

Network Operations Manager
Staff - Travis Corriveau

Travis Corriveau

Network Operations Shift Supervisor
Staff - Will Lewis

Will Lewis

Network Engineer
Staff - Khalid Belkadi

Khalid Belkadi

Network Engineer
Tyler Mallett

Tyler Mallet

Network Engineer
Mike Schwartz

Mike Schwartz

Network Engineer