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CIS Controls v7

Protect yourself from developing threats. Implement CIS v7 with Security7 Networks.

We can help your business implement CIS v7 Controls

What is CIS v7?

The CIS Controls are a prioritized set of actions developed by a global IT community. They help protect organizations and their data from known cyber attack vectors.

This set of best practices is trusted by security leaders in both the private and public sector and help defeat over 85% of common attacks.

How can CIS v7 help your business?

The CIS v7 Top 20 Cybersecurity Controls can help your business:

• Take inventory and control of hardware assets
• Take inventory and control of Software assets
• Enable continuous vulnerability assessment monitoring and remediation
• Implement controlled use of administrative privileges
• Secure configuration for hardware and software on IoT devices and
• And much, much more!

How Security7 Networks can help you with Cloud Security:

Security7 Networks leverages a collection of Cloud-based solutions to make sure security doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to elastic-computing on the Internet.

Features include:

  • DDoS Protection - Mitigate attacks of all forms and sizes, at the network edge
  • Web Application Firewall - Protection from common vulnerabilities like SQL injection attacks, cross-site scripting, and cross-site forgery requests without changes to your existing infrastructure
  • Micro-segmentation - Reduce your network attack surface by protecting against lateral movement of threats through traffic discovery and micro-segmentation
  • Workload Protection - Reduce your software attack surface by ensuring proper security configuration, discovering software vulnerabilities, and controlling administrative access
  • Compromise Detection - Receive alerts you when someone or something compromises your workloads, either unintentionally or through external malicious activity
  • Compliance - Automate compliance functions, saving time and money by proving the security posture of all assets in scope of regulations within seconds
  • DevSecOps Model - Integrate security into continuous development processes

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