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Security7 Networks is a Managed Cybersecurity Services Provider meeting the security and compliance needs of SMBs and SMEs everywhere.

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Security Advisory Services

Security Advisory Services

Security7 Networks knows cybersecurity doesn't come easy for small-to-medium-sized businesses and enterprises. That's why we designed our Security Advisory Services specifically for them.

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Managed Services

Managed Services

Security7 Networks offers managed cybersecurity services that ensure your business and systems stay safe around the clock. 

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XDR Services

XDR Services

Security7's XDR Solution Replaces the Traditional SIEM with Revolutionary Technology and Groundbreaking Security Coverage. 

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4 min read

Are Passkeys the Future? Apple Seems to Think So...

It's no secret that passwords are a pain in the butt. They can be difficult to remember, they're a huge target for...

2 min read

Alert: Follina aka CVE-2022-30190

A newly discovered exploit is using a flaw in Microsoft's Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) to remotely take over...

4 min read

Chaos/Yashma: The Torrid Tale of a GUI Based Ransomware Builder...

It used to take a good deal of coding knowledge to build a website or an application. That's not the case anymore. You...

1 min read

Bad Times Abound for Windows 11 at PWN2OWN Vancouver 2022...

Windows 11 has had a very, very bad week.

The newest operating system from Microsoft was trounced during Trend Micro's...

2 min read

The Fox is Guarding the Henhouse: Microsoft enters the MSSP Space

Microsoft has decided it's time to dip its big toe in the Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) space with three...

3 min read

Beware Random Thumb Drives: Raspberry Robin Malware...

As if any well-minded cybersecurity professional would be trusting of the little buggers in the first place. Anywho,...

1 min read

Bad Actors Still Targeting Remote Workers (Link)

Aamir Lakhani, a global security strategist, and researcher at Fortinet's FortiGuard Labs, has shared an article on...

5 min read

2021's Top 15 Software Vulnerabilities

The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has issued a joint cybersecurity advisory that lists the...

4 min read

Ransomware Reminder: What to do BEFORE you're infected...

There's been a 715% INCREASE in Ransomware attacks in 2020. 

The average ransomware attack cost SMBs and SMEs up to...

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